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A Little About Us!

Biziitech is an IT-based organization which aim is to administer a Business with Integrated Information Technology(IIT).


What is IIT?

Information Technology plays a vital role for any organization to manage its data, to analyze the data, to provide the required data as information and to represent the information. All these things enhance a business through proper implementation of effective decisions. But in modern days, it is not enough to reach the goal in an efficient way keeping all used information technologies individual. It wastes resources. And in that case, Integration requires. Integrated Information Technology integrates all possible information technologies for a company so that it utilizes all its resources effectively and produces the best output.

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Services we provide

Biziitech provides IT solutions to solve different kinds of client's needs. It has IT solutions for - educational institutes, hospitals, shops, manufacture company, garments, NGO, e-governance etc. One organization can get integrated IT solutions from Biziitech. Biziitech integrates all IT solutions like IT infrastructre, data communication, software, database, digital marketing etc. altogether so that an organization can get maximum benefits from its overall environment. Biziitech develops Software, Website and Mobile apps as on clients’ requirements following standard work-process, methodologies and best-suited technologies.

Software developement

Software helps us to process data in a faster way and to utilize data effectively which is essential for performing operations of any organization. The software must have to be ........

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Website developement

Website is very essential for an organization as it represents a business like an ambassador represents a country. It motivates the clients, increases the reliabilities and the availabilities .......

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Mobile apps developement

Present time mobile apps are very user-friendly options to interact with a business. Therefore, it increases number of happy clients of a business due to availability of information ......

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Our Training Facilities

Professional courses require proper environment, expert facilitator and quality course-materials. We have all these things. Training room has been arranged by required tools like laptops, projector, all essential software etc. Our facilitators are BUET Graduate/University Graduate administered by BUET Graduate, experienced in Profession. We have high-quality course -material which can be followed very easily by one itself.

Computer & Office Application (Professional)

Computer Basics, MS Office Applications (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point)

Duration: 2 months

Computer & Office Application (Basic)

Computer Basics, MS Office Applications (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point)

Duration: 2 months

Software Development with Java Programming

Software development, Java Programming, Application Development

Duration: 3 months

Wordpress Theme & Plugin Development

Advance Wordpress, Theme Development, Plugin Development

Duration: 2 months